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Yorkiepupsoftexas is the place for you if you want a special yorkie puppy to take home to be a part of your family! We have yorkie puppies for sale in Texas and specialize in traditional yorkie and parti yorkies. You will be elated with one of my babies! 

Yorkie Puppies For Sale in Texas, WELcome!

I am a retired registered nurse so I have changed from loving and taking care of people to loving and caring for yorkies!  I am a small hobby breeder of only AKC yorkshire terriers that have great pedigrees. I have traditional and black and white parti puppies.  All of my yorkies are raised in my home with me, no kennel. They are spoiled every day and even at night as they have to sleep with us!  They are fed high quality food without fillers and have no known health issues.

yorkie puppies for sale in texas
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Why Yorkshire terriers are the greatest choice to buy 

Yorkie puppies are so popular because they are beautiful, small and intelligent. They are like babies…needing proper care and attention.  Who can resist the charms of a yorkie puppy? Nothing can shake the blues more than a toy terrier. Their small size does not impose upon your space. You do not need a large home or yard to care and give your yorkie ample exercise. You do not need to stress your budget to afford feed for yorkies. 

What you do need is to open your heart to these little wonders. Yorkies welcome everyone into their world! They are very trusting souls and share their affectionate ways with anyone kind and good-humored enough to spend time with them. Yorkies like people most of all but get along with most other dogs. They do initially need to be supervised when with bigger dogs because they will play like they are a big dog and the larger dog may not realize it's own strength when they playfully paw or mouth them.

Although not the size of a guard dog, a yorkie is protective of his house and of people.  They are fearless beyond their size! Yorkie puppies love to play and have an extroverted personality.  Yorkies get along great with children but caution must be taken to be sure children can handle a smaller, more fragile creature.  Although admittedly adorable and precious, they can not be tossed around or have their eyes poked on! 

The elderly also adore yorkie puppies due to their entertaining antics and gentle ways. This makes them suitable for housebound and those less likely to take them jogging.  They get ample exercise indoors with an occasional romp through the yard.  They do love the outdoors too, mine love to swim in my swimming pool!

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